Knitwear love affair
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or as long as we can remember, you’ve been buying more pieces of knitwear from Jigsaw than anything else. Maybe it’s because every yarn, stitch, tension and finish is bespoke to the individual design.

This season, for example, we’re introducing a new member to our cashmere family: Cloud 7. We’ve chosen to knit it in a particular way – using bigger needles – so that you get more cashmere but a loftier handle.

But the most important thing about any piece of knitwear is how you treat it. Always fold, never hang. Use a comb. Follow the care label. Lucia Wood, Jigsaw’s head of design for knitwear, has an enviable archive of jumpers, collected during her 25 years (and counting) here. “I have a gorgeous oversized cream cardigan from the early 90s, which I’ll start wearing again as it’s so on-trend now,” she says. “I also found a pink patchwork short sleeve cardigan from the 90s, and I have the first jumper I helped to design – a chocolate brown, oversized poloneck, which became a bestseller.”

If we look after our jumpers, they’ll look after us. Love them always, wear them forever.