From now on, we will be one global fashion brand, bringing Australia the truest form of Jigsaw. We call it Style & Truth. A belief that the world doesn’t need another disposable fashion brand; making clothes that fall apart and following trends that fall by the wayside. We make timeless clothes that are cut with integrity and finished to the highest standards, with beautiful fabrics made to last. Discover our heritage as we take you on a quick journey from our beginnings to present-day.


John Robinson launches the Jigsaw brand, opening the first store in Brighton, followed by Hampstead, London, two years later.


Jigsaw Menswear launches with early campaigns photographed by Juergen Teller.


We launch in Australia under a license agreement, with a focus around occasion and workwear. The first Jigsaw store opens in the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney, and over the next twenty years, nineteen more open across Australia.


Jigsaw Junior launches. The best of Jigsaw, in miniature.


We introduce accessories with beautifully crafted bags and shoes.


We relaunch in Australia with a brand new website and five stores. Menswear and Junior are available to shop for the first time ever, bringing Australia the truest form of Jigsaw.